iPad3.6: Improved version of the new Apple iPad plans?

MacRumors reports on a new version of the iPad 3, powered by the A6 processor or at least a compatible variation of the A6. The information will come from a developer to have the name "iPad3, 6" caught. It said it might be due to an optimized version of the third generation of the iPad, the calculation engine runs with the new ARMv7s architecture. A further consideration of the new Lightning Connector, would add to Apple Macbook pro battery.

The device itself is rumored to appear in a few weeks, but doubted the MacRumors. It would also be possible that this is the next iPad, which will be released in 2013.

Also undecided is one about whether it is a term of the reception are heavily lately iPad Mini. However, some evidence, however, as the iPad Mini apparently the names iPad2, 5 and 2.6 carries and probably runs on the basis of the A5 chip like Powerbook g4 battery.

In my opinion it could be a preliminary model of the next iPad. As Jony Ive also like to try around with several designs, one might also suggest that it is a prototype. That the new Apple iPad will miss an upgrade, I think is highly unlikely. Given the ever-smaller leaps of innovation that makes the company for its devices, it would be disadvantageous, the periods in which such new iPads appear to shorten. Let's wait it out!

While the rumors condense that Apple a1045 on 17 October presenting with the iPad Mini has a smaller, aggressive offshoot of its iPads, will come on the occasion of the death of Steve Jobs reiterated his comments on to such a product: Nothing nor fowl.

In any case, seems to be the new Apple a1175 management to have opted for a smaller iPad, because the market around smartphones and tablet computers has evolved. Amazon especially with its Kindle Fire 2 * and Google with its Nexus Tablet 7 * have shown that there is a market for smaller tablet computers. In particular, the price is likely to play an important role there.

But Apple a1012 will sell his product to try again from the crowd. Currently, there are rumors that instead of a 7-inch display, a 7.85-inch display is used. Final you have to be surprised, exactly where the manufacturer is placed with the upcoming product.

The change of mind with respect to a smaller tablet computer could possibly be caused by Apple a1185 Vice President Eddy Cue. Thus quoted from an e-mail to Tim Cook, according to Eddy Cue recommended produce a smaller device and the market not to leave the competition. A 7 inch tablet from books, Facebook, e-mails and videos absolutely suitable. Disadvantages he saw only when browsing the Internet, but even there one could use such a device is still good.

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