The research of lighter and more capacity battery:lithium-air battery

The proliferation of portable electronic devices and small size and development of transport powered by electricity made it increasingly necessary to develop laptop batteries that store more energy with less weight. But in the battery weight, size and ability do not necessarily go hand in hand: there are large and heavy batteries that store electricity proportionally less than other smaller and lighter. This depends on the materials used in their manufacture.

Lithium ion batteries

Currently, lithium-ion batteries are the highest energy density. That is, are those that have more capacity in relation to its weight and size.

They are the most commonly used eg in electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and even electric vehicles, where lightness in relation to the high capacity of this type of Dell laptop battery determines the speed and range of the vehicle.

an example is the Tesla Motors electric cars, which are named after Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943), inventor of the electric motor, which makes them possible through the use of lithium ion batteries achieve a range of nearly 400 km and an acceleration higher than most "supercars" combustion engine.

Tesla still in its batteries weigh only two to three times more than a combustion engine to provide equivalent services. But even without being perfect the lithium-ion Dell XPS M1330 Battery also offer other important advantages.

No memory effect, ie not lose load capacity but do not complete cycles of loading and unloading, it is recommended to do from time to time.

Lithium batteries support a high number of charges

In addition withstand a high number of loads, maintain the load for long periods of time even if not used and can be charged a substantial part or in full very quickly, even in a matter of minutes depending on your Dell XPS M1530 Battery capacity.

But despite all its benefits are not capable enough and light.

With air, lighter and capable

Earlier this year announced Energizer Dell XPS M1210 Battery (not rechargeable) zinc-air called, with up to three times more capacity than an equivalent battery lithium ion.

Other research work in the version of this type of rechargeable Dell Latitude D830 Battery , while maintaining the increased capacity and lightness as main characteristics.

as its name suggests zin batteries zinc-air or oxygen used by a zinc side, a common and cheap material and also light, and another oxygen from the air to cause the chemical reaction (oxidation of zinc) that produces electrical current.

More recently it has announced the development of prototype lithium-air (or lithium-oxygen) as conducted at MIT.

The lithium-air Dell XPS M1730 Battery are very similar to current lithium ion but much lighter since-as was the case with the zin-air battery, producing electricity from the passage of a stream of air through sheets perforated carbon.

also investigated other combinations of materials for use in such batteries, with security in its operating costs and maintain their property and capacity over many cycles of loading only a few of the many obstacles still to be resolved before can be marketed.

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