How to replace the speaker from a laptop

How to replace the speaker from a laptop

As far as we know the laptop self speaker are low quality and Easily damaged part. We always use it to call in the internet with our friends and family. The bad speaker can not transport the clear avoice to the chatting person by the internet. So we usually will replace a good speaker and laptop battery the time we buy a new laptop.

My work need to use Skype to connect the foreign Customers usually. So we should replace a new high quality speaker for my Lenovo ThinkPad T60 battery. I buy a new sony laptop speaker from and replace it by myself. The whole couse will be done in two steps : 1. Removing the speaker from laptop. 2. Replace the new speaker on the motherboard.

Removing the Speaker Assembly

  • Follow the instructions below before you begin.

  • Remove the center control cover which besides the Dell Latitude D610 Battery.

  • .
  • Remove the keyboard.

  • Remove the display assembly.

  • Disconnect the speaker cable from the Dell U4873 Dell D5318 system board.

  • Remove the four screws that mount the speakers at the base of the computer.

  • Remove the speaker assembly.

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Replacing the Speaker Assembly

  • Align the gracious leadership in the speaker assembly with the guide posts on the bottom of the computer, the smaller is the lock assembly.

  • Insert the four mounting screws back the Dell Inspiron 640m Battery cover .

  • Route the speaker wire carefully through the routing channel.

  • Connect the speaker cables to the system board.

  • The display assembly (see Replacing the Display Assembly Substitute).

  • Replace the keyboard (see Replacing) the Dell Inspiron 710m Battery keyboard.

  • Replace the center control cover (see Replacing the Center Control Cover).

Then you can use your new speaker to talk with your friends on the internet now.

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