How to maintain radio batteries?

How to maintain radio batteries?

When charging a laptop battery is finally the green light illuminate the charger, as an indication that the battery is fully charged. The user concludes that the battery has reached its full potential and can be used with full confidence.

The 'green light' lies

The 'green light' does not guarantee that the battery capacity is large enough, or that the 'state of health (SoH)' is good. "Ready" says only that the battery was full, we were keenly whatever capacity, which was filled.

The rechargeable Dell M1330 battery is a corrosive entity that the property of being able to save energy lose, gradually. The lack of periodic maintenance for batteries based on nickel accelerates the loss of capacity due to crystal formation, also known as memory effect. For lead batteries or lithium-based learn other aging-related deterioration. The capacity loss is noticeable after one year of use. Some batteries deteriorate faster than others.

Battery users are often unaware that the batteries of their fleet lasted barely a day, even with minimal energy output. Weak ThinkPad T40 Battery can be hidden easily, because demands on an ordinary day but little power they are. The situation changes when full power is required in an emergency. The collapse of portable communication is frequent, and those margins are often motivated by poor battery performance.

Weak batteries will be loaded faster and stay longer on 'ready' as the stronger. Bad Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Battery tend to show too good results and the inexperienced user thinks the battery has reached its target capacity. If necessary in an emergency situation, a quick charge may, however, batteries that are labeled 'ready / willing' to be unusable. At the same time, good batteries are still charged more because they can absorb more energy.

With the big time performance differences arise between the batteries if the batteries of the fleet are not regularly checked and maintained. Figure 2 shows 4 Dell G5266 Dell GW240 of different sizes and with different states of health. When watching the usable and unusable parts of the batteries, you can see that a larger battery can not necessarily save more energy. The affected batteries with memory effect B and D have less energy than the smaller battery A. The carrying of larger batteries or the use of chemistries with greater energy density improves the reliability of the system, if not weak batteries are left in the fleet.

A weak MacBook Pro 13 inch Battery can be compared with a crushed fuel tank of a vehicle. The filling of this tank is quickly terminated because fuel has very little space. As the green light on the charger is the fuel gauge 'FULL' Display if the tank is filled, for the driver and everything seems to be normal. Nevertheless, the distance that can be completed until the next refueling, be small.

Batteries contain no fuel gauge to check the remaining energy, and a regular battery maintenance is required. The gain of such a service is, you detect and remove poorly performing Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch Battery, improves reliability and extends the battery life of nickel-based batteries. Weak batteries that have the memory effect can often be regenerated with the help of a full maintenance with a battery analyzer that includes a regeneration program.

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