The temperature and battery charging 3: battery recharge cycles

The temperature and battery charging 3: battery recharge cycles

Be lowered in the second phase of the charge cycle, the charging current, however. The ability to absorb the load is progressively reduced when increasing the charge state of the battery. When the Sony VGP-BPS9 Sony VGP-BPS10 charge current at too high a value remains in a later stage of the charge cycle, the excess energy is converted into heat and pressure in cells. Finally, a leak will be created to allow escape of oxygen and hydrogen. The escaping gases cause damage not only the electrolyte, they are also highly flammable! A white substance in powder form accumulates around the leak, and indicates where the gas has escaped.

An Ultra-fast charging can only be used in batteries, which are designed for fast charging. The application of high charging currents on Normalbatteriezellen will lead to heating of the current path. The contacts of portable ThinkPad T42 batteries also suffer if the current flow through the spring contact is too small. Such contacts need to be replaced prematurely. It often appears at the top of the contact small, barely visible craters which have a high resistance to produce or act as an insulator at all. The heat created by a bad contact can cause even melt the plastic of the adapter. Higher voltage at the contacts to improve the flow of current.

Aging ThinkPad T43 batteries with increased resistance and different cells are not suitable for ultra-fast charging, even if they are designed for it. Depth conductivity cells leads to heat generation, which ultimately damages the cells. Keeping the weaker cells, the lower the capacity can be fully charged earlier than the good cells and begin to heat up quickly. Some batteries generate so much heat that the plastic body warms up and can become deformed. A temperature monitoring is essential for rapid and ultra-fast charges.

Different manufacturers offer pulse chargers. By inserting short discharge pulses between each pair Ladeimpulsen the load behavior can be improved. This method promotes the disassembly of oxygen and hydrogen gases, thus lessening the pressure cells, which leads to a lower cell temperature. Pulse chargers are also known for the development of crystal nickel-based vgp-bps8 batteries is reduced (memory) effect. Most of the Cadex battery chargers for nickel-based batteries contain this feature.

Some advanced chargers automatically adjust the charge current depending on the ability of the battery to include any other charge. An empty Latitude D630 battery is expected to start as a very high charge current. Towards the end of charging, the charging current is increasingly reduced. In older batteries will then take into account the possibilities and the charging takes place automatically according to battery characteristics.

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