How to flash the laptop BIOS

How to flash the laptop BIOS

After used for a year I found some strange problem often happend to my VGN-SZ. First I think maybe the hardwares in laptop unstable. I tried to fix it myself by replug them but can not. So I asked in yahoo answer and some one say that : my laptop bios can not prefectly support the second memory bank and Sony VGP-BPS8 battery that I just installed a month ago.

So I should update the Sony VGP-BPS8A BIOS to the newest version. I go to the to get the VGN-SZ latest BIOS update and search the "Flashing the laptop bios" in the internet. Then I flash my Bios by myself. Maybe you can get some helpful info in the following steps:

If a BIOS update program CD with a new system board, flash BIOS from the CD. If you do not have a BIOS update program CD, flash the BIOS from the disk.

Update BIOS from a CD

NOTE: Connect the AC adapter with the good power source to avoid VGP-BPS9 power loss. If not, the suddenly power loss can damage the system.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the power supply and the main battery is installed correctly.

    NOTE: If you have a BIOS update program using the CD-ROM in the BIOS, press <F12> before inserting the CD for the flash of the computer to boot from a CD once. Otherwise, you have the system setup program to change the VGP-BPS9/B default boot sequence.

  2. Insert the BIOS update program CD and turn on the computer.

    NOTE: Do not interrupt this process once it begins. Doing so can cause damage VGP-BPS9/S system.

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen. The team continues to boot and new BIOS updates. If the flash update is complete, the computer automatically restarts.

  4. Press F2 during the POST, the system setup program.

  5. Press Alt and <f> to restore the default values of equipment.

  6. Press Esc, select Save / Exit, then press Save configuration changes Enter.

  7. Remove the flash BIOS update program CD drive and restart the Sony VGP-BPS9A/B computer.

Update BIOS from the hard drive

NOTE: Connect the AC adapter with the good power source to avoid power loss. If not, the suddenly power loss can damage the system.

  1. Make sure the power supply is connected to the main Sony VGP-BPS2C battery is installed correctly, and a network cable is connected.

  2. Turn on your computer.

  3. Find the latest update file for your computer BIOS to support

  4. Click Download to download the file.

  5. If the export window Compliance Responsibility appears, click Yes, I accept this agreement.

  6. The file will be displayed.

  7. Click Save this program to disk and then click OK.

    In the window that appears under Save.

  8. Click the down arrow to the Save As menu, select your VGP-BPS2 Desktop, then click Save.

    The file downloads to your desktop.

  9. Click Close when the download is completed "on the Sony VGP-BPS2A screen.

    The file icon on your desktop and is titled like the BIOS update can be downloaded.

  10. Double-click the file to your desktop and follow the instructions on the screen.

Hopes that help you, the article Via laptop battery blog.

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