12Cell 98Wh Dell Inspiron 5100 Lithium battery review

12Cell 98Wh Dell Inspiron 5100 Lithium battery review

Dell's first model in its revamped consumer notebook range, the mainstream Inspiron 5100, is different both inside and out. Gone is the buttoned-down grey case, to be replaced by a two-tone 'Venice blue and moonlight silver' design. Also a little mistake is that the Dell inspiron 5100 battery is too heavy to make the notebook a little importable.

Last Saturday I went to a schoole to do a PPT lecture. So I should buy a battery replacement for the trip. I just use the battery a little so I do not decide to buy a expensive Dell original one or buy a replacement from some other manufacturers. I searched the "Dell inspiron 5100 Battery" in Dell.com and Amazon .com and found many interesting customer reviews.

The picture just from a online shop : www.battery4.us

The Dell Inspiron 5100 battery specs :

Technology : 12-cell lithium ion

Voltage: 14.8V

Capacity : 98Wh

Max Recharge Cycles : 500

Weight: 722.91 g

Fits Model : Inspiron 1100 Battery , Dell inspiron 5100 Battery

From the below specs you can see that the laptop battery is a big and heavy battery with 12 cells. It also can last 3-4 hours showing the PPT documents ( I have test that). In all the battery is not a good choice as its weight (same as the adapter and lines). Let me see the customer reviews of the Original one and replacement.

The original One review:

This Inspiron 1100 Battery worked first time. Two batteries from cheaper sites didn't work at all and we had the duty of returning the defective batteries. Dell's was more expensive but worth it!!

VERY EXPENSING! Double the cost of a car battery. But you need it if you want your older computer to be portable. My new lithium-ion battery for my dell inspiron 1100 laptop has a 2 hour and 15 minute capacity.excellent! that's all the time i need for wireless.

The Dell inspiron 5100 battery replacement from Amazon :

Ordered this Dell Inspiron 5100 Battery for my laptop. Arrived and it was dead. Contacted company to return it. Communication on how to return the product was timely, but when I got a replacement battery that was dead too. I was able to return it and even though I got all my money back in full it was a lot of headache going back and forth with the emails and having to twice make a trip to the post office to ship it back. It took a over a month to finally close this issue. Even though I got all my money back in full and the emails on the status was very communicative it was a pain. It took two dead batteries to be delivered to a customer before an email from customer service stated that maybe the batch was bad and it needed to be looked into.

The price was right, the quality was great, and it arrived quickly. Far less expensive than buying from Dell. Thanks! Battery works perfectly, fits perfectly and lasts longer then the factory battery ever did. It is rater higher too.

The article Via Laptop batetry blog

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