Laptop Batteries perfomance optimally

Laptop Batteries perfomance optimally

Toll: At last, the laptop battery power is sufficient in your notebook for longer work! Read how you get along with the proper battery care and a few more tricks without power.

With its computing power must be portable computers (laptops) can no longer hide from desktop PCs. But right when it counts, they make all too quickly slack: In mobile use with battery-keeping operation by even the best notebook just a few hours without power PowerBook G4 Adapter. With a few tweaks to make sure that the notebook battery hold out longer - see how it's done.

How can I extend the battery life during normal operation?

Abstain from everything that you do not need: Do not take needed CDs / DVDs and memory cards (such as cameras) from the iBook G4 Adapter drives. This allows you to prevent Windows from accessing the media and wasting battery power. Plug in all unused external devices like mice, USB or Firewire devices off. Already with these simple steps your notebook running longer in battery mode for a few minutes.

The biggest energy guzzlers in the notebook is the processor with its electronic components ( "chip"). Also the screen, disk drives and interfaces - the links to networks, or printers - need proper juice. With some settings in Windows, you really save much power. How this is done, check out the photo gallery.

What should I know about batteries?

Current series notebooks are working almost exclusively with "lithium ion" batteries: The current memory is easy to have a high capacity, are quickly charged and are considered maintenance free. However, lithium-ion Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery are expensive and age quickly: After two to three years, a lithium-ion battery has lost half its capacity.

The aging, you can not avoid, at best delay. How long does the battery of your notebook retains its performance depends, among other things, the number of Dell Inspiron 640m Battery charge / discharge cycles and operating temperature. Put in here to lengthen the life of the energy to:

* You exhaust the capacity of the Dell Latitude D520 Battery as full as possible from. Avoid unnecessary charging, if you have consumed very little battery charging - charging shortens the lifespan of each!

* Avoid excessive heat stress (temperatures above 30 degrees) and exposure to severe cold (below -10 degrees). Leave your laptop not long in the blazing sun or in winter around in a car.

* If you are working for several days to the electricity grid, remove the Dell Latitude D600 Battery from the notebook, so it does not permanently high temperature. Make sure that the charge is around 40 percent.

Replacement Battery from 90 Euro

Remember (if you buy a used notebooks as a demonstration model or another Gebrauchtschnäppchens) that the Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery can be ausgelutscht already old or incorrect treatment ". When buying new you should notify the dealer from the date of manufacture, as the batteries start to age even with leaving the Fakrik too. Good for the stream any more memory, you need to invest in a spare battery, which costs depending on the notebook manufacturers and about 90 to 180 euros.

A Safety Note: Charge the lithium-ion battery only with the matching charger (laptop), so you do not destroy the Dell Latitude D620 Battery or even by strong heating occurs burns.

If you have taken to heart all the tips and tricks, stays longer in charge of the green zone.
How much additional time to bring these tips?

It very much depends on what components are installed in your notebook and what you use your portable computer. When 3D games and similar complex work () as video editing, you can hardly save electricity. In general, you should be in the implementation of the tips, but a significant extension of Dell Latitude D610 Battery -note performance.

How can I spare batteries, I do not need a long time?

Do not store the battery separately from the notebook. This, he must be not fully charged: Most notebook manufacturers recommend a loading capacity between 40 and 50 percent for storage. Due to self, you should recharge stored batteries every five to six months to around 50 percent of their Dell XPS M1730 Battery capacity.

Please refer the storage temperatures: You landfill batteries cool and dry, ideally less than ten degrees. So, the best in the cool cellar, if you are alone a. But: Do not expose the Dell XPS M1530 Battery in any case against moisture.

Is it worth buying an extra battery?

The investment in a second battery is useful only if you use the laptop Dell inspiron 1545 battery frequently. Then you will double by the change in the duration of the batteries away from the wall outlet. It's not worth it if you only occasionally need to travel the notebook. Because even a disused lithium-ion battery over time and lose some of its capacity. It is therefore not advisable to place battery on heap. Buy a new battery only when the old schlappmacht. hopes that help you. Via battery blog

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