The analysis of the laptop battery replacement cost

The analysis of the laptop battery replacement cost

With the growing popularity of notebook computers, laptop battery is getting more important to consumer attention. A good laptop battery is not only give the great convenience for user's mobile commerce and digital lives, but also can eliminate insecurity of future use. A bad laptop battery, for the user unable to meet their mobile digital life. It will also bring the hidden dangers to users, especially security issues. A battery explosion caused the destruction of a notebook, or even ohter serious consequences. So choose a good laptop battery is significantly thing.

However, the thinkpad x40 battery original price is hundreds dollars. So that many users used to choice and better cost-effective laptop battery replacement. The laptop replacement market price is between 30 - 100 dollar. So it is difficult for consumers to judge its quality from the price.

In this article the author will help the customers to choose the best thinkpad x41 battery from the current market. We will analyze the composition and design of laptop batteries to compare the battery price and quality.

Laptop battery is made up of a lithium-ion 18650 cells with protection circuit board and PVC plastic shell. Then we will analysis of their costs on item in the follwing steps:

1. There are three kinds of 18650 lithium-ion battery in the market: 2200,2400,2600 mA. A typical ThinkPad X41 Tablet Battery with six battery assembly (Series 2 and 3). If it is a genuine original batteries, typically Japan and South Korea or domestic manufacturers A formal 18650 cells. These batteries have the quality and safety assurance through rigorous testing, the cost is usually in the 3-4 dollars (based on the different capacities). So a normal laptop battery (6-cell) costs around 20 dollars. If B grade, or batteries disassemble from the old machine (the quality and even safety issues batteries from Japan and South Korea). Their price between 1.5-2 dollar. Such Lenovo Thinkpad X61 battery assembly or re-assembled into a 6cell laptop battery cost 10-15 dollar. In addition, even worse, some manufacturers use more poor illegal 18650, often have security problems (that can cause the battery explosion), its 6cell laptop battery only cost 8 dollar or less.

2. Laptop battery PCB control panel : a good control panel can extend laptop battery life and protect the safety. Its cost is usually 10 dollar; If it is bad dysfunction PCB ThinkPad X60 Battery control panel, or board disassemble from the old machine, its cost is only 5 dollar.

3. Laptop battery PVC plastic shell, the cost of a good plastic shell is 5 dollar, a bad Lenovo thinkpad x200 battery low-quality goods cost less than 1.5 dollar.

4. Labor, equipment, venues, with an average around 4 dollar each cell.

On the basis of the above , a good quality assurance laptop battery such as VGP-BPS9/S (6 cell) costs should be at 40 dollar. So a good 6Cell laptop battery replacement price (including operations cost and profit) is oftern 60-80 dollar in the market ; If it is a inferior quality goods, the market price is 40-50 dollar; If it is the lowest quality laptop battery (the cell and PCB control panel are both disassembled from the old machine), the price is 30-40 dollar.

In all the laptop battery quality is as its price. We should buy the suitable Sony VGP-BPS8 battery in the market, do not take too much attention to its price or it is orginal item or not.

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