Power your notebook with any battery

Power your notebook with any battery

As we all know the laptop battery is important to our laptop. Some times when your laptop battery run out in the open air, what should you do? Go home to get a replacement. No no you need not. Take out your torch battery to power your laptop.

In fact, laptop batteries can be replaced with any other kind of offers it is right or sufficient voltage. Here I am with two 6V LIFEBOOK T4010 battery manipulated up to twice the voltage to the power of a Compaq Armada 110th.

Step 1 Remove power

All you need for your old Fujitsu Lifebook T4020 battery to disassemble the battery, I was very stubborn and I have it only with a considerable distance to cosmetic damage, please try to set it apart from the contacts when the battery is connected to the laptop, I have but not real pictures of this step, as I have about 1 month ago, and I just un-earthed casing of the battery when you've received a little wrung from the battery housing to things either easier or a little more difficult was the Battery Compaq merged, so I was almost broken just plastic!

After the Lifebook T4220 battery unless you have some 9-cell battery, depending on the type of laptop was to find battery. You need to pull out all those bulky batteries, which certainly does not lead to rip the wire to the batteries from the board (Figure 2)

Step 2 Source improvise and power

To some batteries in the laptop, I have two Fujitsu Lifebook T4310 battery in my 5 million candle power torch, to assess each 6V to 12V to get as they were manipulated together for combined power, power, I do not know how long they modified battery is fully charged, but I guess at least 30 minutes. 100% CPU

If you have two batteries you need to red) to positive (a battery to the negative (black connect) from the other Fujitsu Lifebook T4410 battery .

Step 3 Connect power.

Now that they've been getting your Fujitsu Lifebook T5010 battery, the next thing to do is connect them to the leads of the laptop battery board, you have the positive of your new batteries to the positive lead connected to the PCB. I recommend that the cables of a decent length for a simple, but also tinged with red and black wires to the corresponding compounds battery (ie connected to red, red), it makes things easier.

Step 4 Replace remastered Battery

I had a small hole for the wires to pass from the Dell Inspiron 1721 Battery case, remember this and to do, so that the cables come in a handy place to do this if you do not want to spoil your battery housing provides good.

Step 5 Testing the new power

It must be said that I use to boot to the A / C power connector on the laptop, but after that it worked well without the A / C had power, I do not know if this because the laptop is old and it couldn 't was you know the batteries to boot the laptop, but it does recognize the Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery with the A / C power is connected and switched off the laptop.

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