Stunning Black and White Photography of Global Architecture

Frankfurt, Germany Photographer Maik Lipp (aka usrdck) has traveled the world to take pictures of unique architecture of each city visited. New York and Barcelona to Singapore and Hong Kong Dell 1440 battery, Lipp has captured the essence of the architecture of each city in black and white, from different perspectives.

The images of the photographers have two architectural monuments and construction drawings culturally rich surprising perspectives. Many shots Lipp seem almost abstract, geometric motifs repetitive but catchy arrangements. Sometimes the composition carefully adjusted, it is difficult to decipher what is seen and what angle. They are like pieces of a larger puzzle that is your city.

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Squiggly Seating Multitasking Chair

A multi -task chair, designed with a unique design that can be rearranged for different situations . The upper support acts as a file, an armrest or a work surface , depending on how you feel in it. Its characteristic : 1.Stress foam polyurethane foam on a metal structure. Stuffed with different covers and colors 2.Fully

How Sissi chair shown here is just one of many ways that can be restored to your heart's content ! The design consists of continuous stress resistant polyurethane foam on a metal frame which forms the seat and the leg, and a flexible arm which can be used as a backup or work surface from the point of smell ! With lots of vibrant color options that will add a pop to any abstract space.

Mobility is a fundamental attribute of the contemporary space (called ) . And there is no space as mobile as office space . As an expression of society and the structure of labor mobility is now universally extended office radiates and penetrates objects and architectural elements , modify the qualities of materials , we assume TYPERS thousands of products , versions and conceptual interpretation and application. Aso have a chair that is mobile in the way that supports the dynamics of the body as an eco - skeleton for comfort, a furniture system is mobile, because it can work anywhere , sitting or standing, at home or ATO office (assuming that there is a distinction between the two ) .

Over time, in the midst of shapes and materials Sony VGP-BPS27 , the mobile is also and above the key of each model that is open to new , multiple use and surprising interpretations , or acts as a carrier of technological solutions that really apart from the ordinary. You could say that all those who are mobile in the end they are , but in their own way .

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Electronic Motorcycle with Piaggio PAM - Concept Vehicle

Though it's almost 130 years old, the Piaggio brand is renowned for transportation that's just plain different. The Piaggio PAM expands on this with a partially enclosed structure filled with smart-features like calibrated seat adjustment, photovoltaic solar energy-harvesting material, a HUD windshield, GPS navigation and even safety airbags. Like Piaggio's MP3 scooter, the PAM also uses 3 wheels for added traction and balance, but these are reversed from front to back for a sportier riding feel.

Designer: Simone Madella Lenovo T61 battery

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Laptop Desktop in one or desklaptop?

Laptop Desktop in one or desklaptop?

U.DTR also Ultra desktop replacement, and that's exactly what it promises ... Eliminate the defects of both laptops and desktops, to form an extremely versatile replacement device. The most obvious new feature is the touch screen 'mouth', which raises the monitor to a comfortable height, similar to a desktop computer. Did we mention it's touch screen! Other extras include a keyboard at an angle, ergonomic, carefully placed connections and reduced weight of the battery.

Another drastic redesign is U.DTR main battery replacement. Due to their high energy consumption and working hours are desktop replacements are almost always connected to a desktop to the power grid. In this scenario, the internal battery is partially wide up to 50% of the total weight. For this reason, with U.DTR developed a small, built-in battery, while an external battery pack provides extended power.

Designer: Marin Myftiu Dell D631 battery

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