Simple Guidelines about using battery when charging and storing

Simple Guidelines about using battery when charging and storing

Avoid frequent full discharges because this leads to additional power consumption of the backup battery. Frequent partial discharges with many charges are better for lithium-ion laptop battery than one total discharge. Charging a partially discharged lithium-ion battery, the battery does not hurt, since no memory effect occurs. (In this respect, lithium-ion differs) of nickel-based batteries. The short battery life in a laptop is justified by the heat rather than through many charge / discharge cycles ..

Although free from memory, it should at lithium-ion batteries are only aware after 30 cycles, a full discharge is to calibrate the Toshiba pa3384u 1brs Toshiba pa3107u 1brs battery with the fuel gauge too. The discharge of the battery with the device serves this purpose. If this is ignored, the fuel gauge is crucial unreliable. The battery life will not be affected.

Lithium-ion Apple a1057 A1012 batteries should be kept cool. Hot cars are to be avoided. For longer storage, the battery should have a charge of about 40%.

Consider removing the iBook G4 14 Battery battery from a laptop when it is fed from the mains. (Some laptop manufacturers are concerned about dust and moisture accumulating inside the battery compartment).

Abstain from the purchase of a replacement MacBook Pro 15 Battery battery for later use. Note the date of manufacture. Do not buy old batteries, even if they are offered at reasonable prices.

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Laptop battery using tips

Laptop battery using tips

Should we remove the battery when the laptop powered by Household Electricity?

Do not remove the laptop battery when using the AC adapter. If your area have no steady voltage or electricity, a sudden power failure happend when you at work, the work you have done lost and the machine may also burn motherboards without the battery protect.

Notice when charging

Usually used when the Apple A1078 battery discharges to 10% of charge can be carried out, do not discharge to 0% every time before charging. In general the battery will be fully charged in 2-3 hours with machine shutdown , 4-5 hours with machine using. IBM's notebook can not charge at 95% , COMPAQ laptop in about 90% before charging, this is designed to avoid the repeated charge and discharge damage to laptop. Requests depth of discharge once a month : discharge to 5% of the time , shut down the machine to re-charge. "Note - Do not let the Sony VGP-BPS8 battery completely discharged". Remove the battery if do not use battery for a long time, please charge the battery to 50% before store.

Why do laptop batteries consumed when laptop turned off and cut off the power supply?

please see the following reasons:

1. The computer shut down, the laptop battery will provide power for RTC functions.

2. The power switch is not only the power line switch, but also the management control of power supply switch, the signal sent to the power switch function.

That is, the management of the power supply controller connecting the iBook G4 14 Battery and power adapter has been a state power, so electricity consumption.

Micro-computer circuit to run, even send a message will consume battery power.

VAIO batteries, not just the battery, but also added to monitor the battery status (Apple PowerBook G4 12 inch Battery remaining capacity and charge and discharge current value, the temperature of the battery group, etc.) built-in micro-computer, and at regular intervals Send a signal to the computer functions.

Therefore, loading the battery in the computer will definitely consume electricity, even put out there will be a natural addition to discharge outside the electricity consumption. Thus, even cut off the power supply, battery consumption is normal.

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12Cell 98Wh Dell Inspiron 5100 Lithium battery review

12Cell 98Wh Dell Inspiron 5100 Lithium battery review

Dell's first model in its revamped consumer notebook range, the mainstream Inspiron 5100, is different both inside and out. Gone is the buttoned-down grey case, to be replaced by a two-tone 'Venice blue and moonlight silver' design. Also a little mistake is that the Dell inspiron 5100 battery is too heavy to make the notebook a little importable.

Last Saturday I went to a schoole to do a PPT lecture. So I should buy a battery replacement for the trip. I just use the battery a little so I do not decide to buy a expensive Dell original one or buy a replacement from some other manufacturers. I searched the "Dell inspiron 5100 Battery" in and Amazon .com and found many interesting customer reviews.

The picture just from a online shop :

The Dell Inspiron 5100 battery specs :

Technology : 12-cell lithium ion

Voltage: 14.8V

Capacity : 98Wh

Max Recharge Cycles : 500

Weight: 722.91 g

Fits Model : Inspiron 1100 Battery , Dell inspiron 5100 Battery

From the below specs you can see that the laptop battery is a big and heavy battery with 12 cells. It also can last 3-4 hours showing the PPT documents ( I have test that). In all the battery is not a good choice as its weight (same as the adapter and lines). Let me see the customer reviews of the Original one and replacement.

The original One review:

This Inspiron 1100 Battery worked first time. Two batteries from cheaper sites didn't work at all and we had the duty of returning the defective batteries. Dell's was more expensive but worth it!!

VERY EXPENSING! Double the cost of a car battery. But you need it if you want your older computer to be portable. My new lithium-ion battery for my dell inspiron 1100 laptop has a 2 hour and 15 minute capacity.excellent! that's all the time i need for wireless.

The Dell inspiron 5100 battery replacement from Amazon :

Ordered this Dell Inspiron 5100 Battery for my laptop. Arrived and it was dead. Contacted company to return it. Communication on how to return the product was timely, but when I got a replacement battery that was dead too. I was able to return it and even though I got all my money back in full it was a lot of headache going back and forth with the emails and having to twice make a trip to the post office to ship it back. It took a over a month to finally close this issue. Even though I got all my money back in full and the emails on the status was very communicative it was a pain. It took two dead batteries to be delivered to a customer before an email from customer service stated that maybe the batch was bad and it needed to be looked into.

The price was right, the quality was great, and it arrived quickly. Far less expensive than buying from Dell. Thanks! Battery works perfectly, fits perfectly and lasts longer then the factory battery ever did. It is rater higher too.

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How to replace the hard drive from notebook

How to replace the hard drive from notebook

As the faulty operate and power sudden off, our laptop hard drive may fail. Or our hard drive is too small to store the enough Documents music and movie. In this situation we should replace a big new hard drive for our laptop. But the work is not easy as the laptop battery light thin and Fragile particularity. So we must do everything carefully in the course of replacing the hard drive.

Remove the Hard Drive must notice the following instructions

  • NOTE: Dell does not guarantee that you will provide support for the acquisition of the hard drive or from a source other than Dell.

  • Note: Before you begin the procedure in this section, Product Information Guide please follow the Dell C1295 safety instructions.

  • However, if the Inspiron 1100 Battery drive is still hot, remove the hard drive from a computer warning: Please do not touch the metal housing of the hard drive.

  • Note: Before removing the hard drive to prevent loss of data off the computer. Meanwhile, please do not remove the hard drive when the computer turn on or sleep state.

  • Note: Hard drives are extremely fragile. Be careful when handling the Dell INSPIRON 5100 Battery hard drive.

Removing hard drive

  1. Follow these steps before you begin.

  2. Turn the computer over and remove two screws of Latitude D520 Battery hard drive.

  3. spears_h

    1 Screws (2) Two Hard Drives

  4. Note: Although not on the computer hard drive and store it in protective antistatic packaging ( "protection against electrostatic discharge", see the Product Information Guide).

  5. Slide the hard drive of your Dell XPS M140 Battery computer.

  6. Down to separate the cover from the hard drive (one from each side of the cover of one hard drive), then remove the two screws 2.

  7. spearsa3

    1 Hard drive cover 2. Two Screws (3) Three Hard Drives

Replacing the hard drive

Note: Before you begin, and begin the procedure in this section, Product Information Guide please follow the safety instructions.

Note: Hard drives are extremely fragile. Be careful when handling the Dell RN873 , Dell TC030 Dell PC764 hard drive.

In order to secure the cover to your hard drive and hard drive cover, please tighten the two screws 2.

Note: Use to evenly apply pressure, then slide the hard drive. Excessive force may damage the Sony VGP-BPS8 connector.

To be attached to the drive bays are full, and then slide the hard drive.

Replace Two screws to protect the VGP-BPS9 hard drives.

Install the operating system of your computer if necessary ( "to restore your operating system please see the" Your owner's manual).

When you install the drivers and utilities for your Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery computer ( "" owner's manual to see if necessary to reinstall the drivers and utilities).

Now all the work are done. You can use you laptop to listen music watching movie or download more software from internet. hopes that help you.

The life of lithium batteries may be extended : temperature

The life of lithium batteries may be extended : temperature

A lithium-ion battery is 300-500 discharge / charge cycles total. The laptop battery prefers partial discharges rather than full discharges. Frequent full discharges should be avoided whenever possible. In contrast, the battery should be recharged more frequently, or use a larger battery. The memory effect is not an issue, even if carried out unscheduled charges.

Although lithium-ion batteries do not suffer performance losses because of the memory effect, show powerbook g4 battery with a built-in fuel gauge one of engineers known as "digital memory". This is the reason: Short discharges with appropriate charges will not yield the periodic calibration needed to synchronize the fuel gauge with battery level.

A purposely conducted full discharge followed by recharging after 30 charges corrects this problem. Downloading the inspiron 6400 battery until the shutoff of the device meets this criterion. If this is ignored, the fuel gauge is crucial unreliable. (Find out more in 'Choosing the right battery for portable computers', Part Two).

Aging of lithium-ion batteries is an issue that is often neglected. Lithium-based inspiron 6000 battery have a life expectancy of 2 to 3 years. The clock starts ticking as soon as the battery leaves the factory. The capacity loss is already reflected by a higher internal resistance caused by oxidation. Finally, the cell resistance reaches a point where he can give the stored energy is no longer, even if the battery is fully charged.

The increase in internal resistance also applies to lithium-ion batteries with cobalt-based, a chemical which is used in laptops and cell phones used. A smaller energy density lithium-ion vgp bps2c vgp bps2a batteries based on manganese, which is also known as spinel battery that holds in the internal resistance in a lifetime, but loses capacity due to the chemical decomposition.

The speed of aging of lithium-ion batteries is determined by the temperature and charge state. Figure 1 shows the capacity loss as a function of these two parameters.

Figure 1: Permanent capacity loss of lithium-ion pa3399u 2brs pa3465u-1brs batteries as a function of emperature and charge state.
High charge levels and high temperatures accelerate the permanent loss of capacity. Chemical improvements have the benefits of stored lithium-ion batteries increases.

The life of lithium batteries may be extended: store and charge

The life of lithium batteries may be extended: store and charge

If possible, the Dell latitude d600 battery should be stored in a cool place with 40% charged. A certain energy reserve is needed to keep the operations of the battery and its protection circuit, during prolonged storage. The worst combination is full charge and high temperature. This happens when the phone or spare battery in a hot car to stay. Using a laptop with a mains supply is similar to temperature problems. If a battery is fully charged, the internal temperature rises during use at about 45 ° C.

Removing the battery from the laptop when it is fed by the network, protects the kd476 Dell d5318 c1295 battery from overheating, but different laptop and battery manufacturers warn. They say that dust and moisture can damage the laptop. The seller will be lucky if he can sell them a replacement battery, maybe a little earlier than really necessary.

But the question is often asked whether the laptop should be unplugged when not in use. With lithium-ion, this is not an issue. Once the latitude d620 battery is fully charged, no additional charge current flows more. It is however recommended to switch off the laptop overnight, because of heat damage to the battery.

A large number of lithium-ion batteries is finally disposed of during the warranty period. Some of the defective batteries are sent to a service center or the manufacturer, where they are regenerated. Studies show that 80-90% of the returned latitude d610 battery can be repaired and reinstated.

Some lithium-ion batteries fail due to deep discharge. If the discharge to a lower cell voltage of 2.5 V / cell, leads, opens the internal protection circuit and the battery seems to be dead. A charge with the original charger is impossible. Some battery analyzers (Cadex) have the ability to reactivate a Boost (wake-up) function, the protection circuit such a 'defective' aspire 3000 battery, and thus allow the loading process again.

However, if the cell voltage below 1.5 volts per cell has fallen, and remains for several days in this condition should be waived on a recharge for security reasons. To prevent such margins, a battery should never be stored fully discharged. Charge the battery before storing something and then load it fully before the recent use.

All the PC (personal computer) and some other electronic devices that contain a backup battery for internal memory. This battery is usually a small, non-rechargeable lithium pcga bp2v pa3450u 1brs battery, which delivers a small current when the device is switched off. The PC uses the battery to be able to store certain information, even if the device is switched off. These are the entries in the BIOS, the current date and time, and allocating resources of the Plug and Play system. The memory function is to shorten life expectancy by a backup battery for a few years.

Some people say one to two years. If the PC connected to the network, even though he is off, should the backup battery on the PC mother board for 5 to 7 years his gut. A PC should display a timely reminder, if this backup Apple a1008 Sony vgp bps5 battery is weak. A non-operational back-up battery leads to the loss of the volatile memory, and some settings may be lost. According to replace the backup battery, the PC should again be operational.

Laptop Batteries perfomance optimally

Laptop Batteries perfomance optimally

Toll: At last, the laptop battery power is sufficient in your notebook for longer work! Read how you get along with the proper battery care and a few more tricks without power.

With its computing power must be portable computers (laptops) can no longer hide from desktop PCs. But right when it counts, they make all too quickly slack: In mobile use with battery-keeping operation by even the best notebook just a few hours without power PowerBook G4 Adapter. With a few tweaks to make sure that the notebook battery hold out longer - see how it's done.

How can I extend the battery life during normal operation?

Abstain from everything that you do not need: Do not take needed CDs / DVDs and memory cards (such as cameras) from the iBook G4 Adapter drives. This allows you to prevent Windows from accessing the media and wasting battery power. Plug in all unused external devices like mice, USB or Firewire devices off. Already with these simple steps your notebook running longer in battery mode for a few minutes.

The biggest energy guzzlers in the notebook is the processor with its electronic components ( "chip"). Also the screen, disk drives and interfaces - the links to networks, or printers - need proper juice. With some settings in Windows, you really save much power. How this is done, check out the photo gallery.

What should I know about batteries?

Current series notebooks are working almost exclusively with "lithium ion" batteries: The current memory is easy to have a high capacity, are quickly charged and are considered maintenance free. However, lithium-ion Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery are expensive and age quickly: After two to three years, a lithium-ion battery has lost half its capacity.

The aging, you can not avoid, at best delay. How long does the battery of your notebook retains its performance depends, among other things, the number of Dell Inspiron 640m Battery charge / discharge cycles and operating temperature. Put in here to lengthen the life of the energy to:

* You exhaust the capacity of the Dell Latitude D520 Battery as full as possible from. Avoid unnecessary charging, if you have consumed very little battery charging - charging shortens the lifespan of each!

* Avoid excessive heat stress (temperatures above 30 degrees) and exposure to severe cold (below -10 degrees). Leave your laptop not long in the blazing sun or in winter around in a car.

* If you are working for several days to the electricity grid, remove the Dell Latitude D600 Battery from the notebook, so it does not permanently high temperature. Make sure that the charge is around 40 percent.

Replacement Battery from 90 Euro

Remember (if you buy a used notebooks as a demonstration model or another Gebrauchtschnäppchens) that the Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery can be ausgelutscht already old or incorrect treatment ". When buying new you should notify the dealer from the date of manufacture, as the batteries start to age even with leaving the Fakrik too. Good for the stream any more memory, you need to invest in a spare battery, which costs depending on the notebook manufacturers and about 90 to 180 euros.

A Safety Note: Charge the lithium-ion battery only with the matching charger (laptop), so you do not destroy the Dell Latitude D620 Battery or even by strong heating occurs burns.

If you have taken to heart all the tips and tricks, stays longer in charge of the green zone.
How much additional time to bring these tips?

It very much depends on what components are installed in your notebook and what you use your portable computer. When 3D games and similar complex work () as video editing, you can hardly save electricity. In general, you should be in the implementation of the tips, but a significant extension of Dell Latitude D610 Battery -note performance.

How can I spare batteries, I do not need a long time?

Do not store the battery separately from the notebook. This, he must be not fully charged: Most notebook manufacturers recommend a loading capacity between 40 and 50 percent for storage. Due to self, you should recharge stored batteries every five to six months to around 50 percent of their Dell XPS M1730 Battery capacity.

Please refer the storage temperatures: You landfill batteries cool and dry, ideally less than ten degrees. So, the best in the cool cellar, if you are alone a. But: Do not expose the Dell XPS M1530 Battery in any case against moisture.

Is it worth buying an extra battery?

The investment in a second battery is useful only if you use the laptop Dell inspiron 1545 battery frequently. Then you will double by the change in the duration of the batteries away from the wall outlet. It's not worth it if you only occasionally need to travel the notebook. Because even a disused lithium-ion battery over time and lose some of its capacity. It is therefore not advisable to place battery on heap. Buy a new battery only when the old schlappmacht. hopes that help you. Via battery blog

6 Tips To optimize the notebook battery power

6 Tips To optimize the notebook battery power

Tip 1

Windows power management switch


The operating system can affect energy consumption. The following settings slowing your notebook quite a bit more, but you work much longer without laptop battery electricity.

Example Windows XP: Click the right mouse button on a blank spot on the desktop and then in the drop down list on the Properties entry. In the next window, followed by mouse clicks on screen saver Sony VGP-BPS8 power management.

Saving features of Windows XP, turn on


Power Schemes section, click on the menu, Portable / Laptop and in the list on Max Battery.

Your notebook is now working a bit slower but more sustained. If you need more speed, time, repeat these steps again and select Portable / Laptop VGP-BPS2 VGP-BPS9. If you arrive later, more in the longer battery life, you again set the minimal battery power.

Tip 2

Strong electricity consumers off

Some devices in the notebook is turned on permanently, even if you do not need them. With a few tricks to help you with the Sony VGP-BPS2C VGP-BPS9/S laptop battery a longer life:

Turn off the backlight of the screen. Virtually all notebooks have special keys, in our example, the function keys F6/F7.

Tap while holding down the Fn button repeatedly to F6 to abzudimmen the lighting as much as possible. If the point of view then it is too bad times, tap while holding down the ThinkPad T60 Battery Fn key to F7.


Strong electricity consumers off

Turn off the speakers if you do not listen to music or watch videos. In the bottom right on the desktop only on the speaker icon, then on clay to set in front of a hook. If you want to hear about the ThinkPad T61 Battery laptop speakers a bit when you remove the hook on the same way again.

Alternative: If possible, use a mini-headphones, such as an MP3 player. He needs less power than the laptop speakers and also sounds better.

Make sure that your laptop ThinkPad X60 Battery , the Bluetooth function is turned off (if available and if you do not want a wireless connection to another Bluetooth device manufacturing). When activated, is continually searching for available Bluetooth devices, which costs battery power.


Turn off as the "Firewire" connector (for connecting a video camera): Click on the + in front of "IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers", then followed by a double-click on RICOH OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 host controller.

In the Properties window that opens, select the Driver tab. Clicking on disable the Inspiron 1501 Battery Firewire jack is paralyzed. A subsequent safety query answering in the affirmative. Clicking on OK terminates the process.

In the same way you disable a built-in modem, the network adapter or the USB controller - if you do not need .

Disable WLAN: On most new laptops, there is a button to turn off the wireless mode on or off. Read the Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery instructions for your appliance stop for information on how to search for a local wireless network. The wireless network provides redundant power search if you want to use just do not have Internet access.

Tip 3

Proper Battery Care

To keep your notebook battery for a long time, his performance reserves, are followings:

• If you need longer time to work with your Latitude D800 Battery notebook to the mains supply, remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place.
• The charge for storage should be between 40 and 50 percent.

• Avoid too long disuse by a deep discharge (below five percent), which can destroy the battery. Invite him full on a regular basis and then work with the battery until the storage charge is reached.

Tip 4

Avoid overheating

Your battery is a cool part, strong heat does not like. Should be stored in heater nearby and also working in the blazing sun to avoid because the battery immediately reacts to heat - With Affliction, expressed Dell D5318 Dell GD761 in faster discharge.

The built-in fans spin faster over high heat, which reduces the battery power in addition.

Tip 5

Up and discharge cycle
Especially when brand-new battery it is advisable to go through a full Lade-/Entladezyklus to ensure that the Dell Inspiron E1405 Battery electric power storage reaches its full capacity.

Tip 6

Cleaning notebook
Access times more likely to brush or the vacuum cleaner and you free up your Dell Inspiron 1420 Battery notebook from dust, especially the drainage and ventilation openings. The portable computer can blow through the better and the internal fan to work less. This conserves battery power and quieter it is.

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Six steps make you use lithium battery safely and long

Six steps make you use lithium battery safely and long


The world's largest computer manufacturer Dell Inc. announced that they will recall millions of laptop batteries. Because these batteries can catch fire. The batteries were produced by Japan's Sony Inc that famouse of its lithium battery technology. A few days ago, Sony's own laptop batteries are also burned in the United States.

Lithium-ion laptop batteries now are becoming the synonym of insecurity. They has even been called "technological terrorism" : technical imperfections caused by security threats by some American columnists.

However, despite this, life had to continue. We currently can not leave them because lithium-ion batteries is the most important part of the thin and light portable electronic products.

So, scientists are rearching alternative fuel-cell to replace lithium-ion Inspiron 6000 Battery . At the same time for ordinary consumers, we must know how to use lithium-ion batteries safely, that is probably more practical.

First of all, we can not ignore the lithium battery. We should know that rechargeable Dell inspiron 1545 battery is "a source of strength" of portable electronic devices that you can see everywhere . From notebook to cell phones, from cell phones to MP3, from digital cameras to electric bicycles, from the CD machine to digital camcorder. However, we often take a little attention to them, unless the phone is power off when a important call coming , or we prepare the luggage for a trip.

Recent events made us realize that the battery is very important to our daily life, so we have to understand them.

Lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) rechargeable Dell Latitude D520 Battery, typically used in notebook computers, mobile phones and iPod. There is also a rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH). This battery is currently mainly used in cordless phones, cheap digital camera and a small part of the notebook computer.

Some simple note will let you lithium-ion battery using relatively more secure and more longevity.

First, do not contact the dell vostro 1400 battery positive and negative part with metal objects. Place the lithium battery stay away from metal objects and the high temperature areas in order to avoid the battery short-circuit.

Second, you'd better charge lithium-ion dell vostro 1000 battery with original charger, or it will damage the battery and shorten their life, serious may even cause an explosion.

Third, frequently use is a good way for lithium battery live longer. But let laptop battery always in the charge state is not OK.

Fourth, the lithium-ion battery has no memory effect. Do not need to fully charged the Sony VGP-BPS8 VGP-BPS9/S battery when charging, so the battery is used not to in 0 ‰. Especilly for the camera lithium-ion battery, once the power state in zero, then the battery protection circuit starts. Some manufacturers battery (as Sony) cut off the main circuit inside, then the battery locked.

Fifth, when a battery not in use for long time, the Sony VGP-BPS8A VGP-BPS9/Blaptop battery should be stored at low temperature, dry environment, away from heat, do not placed in direct sunlight areas. Generally considered, it should be charging to about 40% of the electricity and store at 10 to 30 degrees Celsius temperatures. Do not forget charge the battery every six months or so.

Sixth, when the laptop in hibernate mode but the VGP-BPS9 Sony VGP-BPS9A/B battery is in working state, so you had better turn off the computer when not using. In addition, if your laptop has Bluetooth, or wireless capabilities, it is best to turn off when not in use these features, as they search for available networks is also to be power-hungry.

Hopes that help you. The article Via laptop battery blog

The laptop 6 mainly hardware problem and prevention Methods

The laptop 6 mainly hardware problem and prevention Methods


1: Motherboard

Ask the guys who repaired their notebooks around you, the motherboard issues may be the most commen problem of Dell Latitude D410 Battery. The author's first notebook also dead as the motherboard problem. General board problems reasuly the machine unbootable. Motherboard problems usually cases short-circuit of IC (integrated circuit).

We usually should change the motherboard when it is broken. The motherboard prices accounted for 1/4 of the laptop Dell Latitude D610 Battery price, so the motherboard problem is the most expensive problem. We need to take attention that do not let leak fluid into the motherboard (we often do this). Do not refresh the BIOS if neednot. In addition, the motherboard is the breakdown by high voltage also happened frequently. If in the electricity peak or just to restore the electricity blackouts, during lightning storm, I propose to use Dell Latitude D410 Battery-powered, do not access home electricity.

2: Hard Disk

The laptop hard drive is more unbreakable than PC hard drive, but they are still afraid of falling repeatedly. Take a look at the label that prompt us to do not throw it. Why? The notebook hard disk is smaller than PC, but the principle is the same, and also due to the complex composition of electronic components. Although the manufacturers optimize the Dell Latitude D520 Battery laptop hard drive break quality. Because of its own composition, it is fear of shock. Remind you, in the bumpy transport, do not use notebook. Be careful not to fall to the ground when place your notebook on the table. As the laptop hard drive is cheap, the information inside is priceless.

3: LCD Screen

LCD is a relatively weak and fragile product of Dell Latitude D630 Battery. LCD mainly make of the glass and liquid crystal, tube composition that are fragile parts. The LCD under organic cover protection, but the protection is very limited. Do not place heavy objects on the LCD, or it would fracture the glass layer. Pay attention Do not let the books hit a hard object. When accidentally dropped on the floor, Dell Latitude D830 Battery LCD is also often bear the brunt. The large LCD value is also a quarter of machine, and it is difficult to repair it but buy a new one.

4: Strings parallel interface

These interfaces do not support hot swap. It is easy to burn the string parallel when plug the USB port or other sevice in Dell Latitude D820 Battery power on. Even worse, resulting in short-circuit board scrap. Although changing string, parallel port is a not too expensive, it is troubleful. There may be someone would say: we are now almost not using the strings parallel port, let them go bad. But the notebooks for engineering debugging that can not lack of the two interfaces.

5: Touchpad

In Summer our hands are dirty and wet. Touch VGP-BPS2 Sony VGP-BPS2C pad with your fingers will make the coating above soon disappear, shorten the life of touchpad and keyboar. So we should wash and clean our hands before open the lapop?


The CD-ROM broken are always caused by someone special love of watching DVD movie. We all know that the original Sony VGP-BPS2C Sony VGP-BPS2A notebook CD-ROM are 150 dollars or more. If always watching disc, your CD-ROM drive will die after one year. If you like watching movie, it is better to buy a DVD player. I just use my T40 combo CD-ROM to installing the software, burn backup, not do other things.

Hopes that hope you. The article Via Battery blog

Extend the life of apple iPhone Battery

Extend the life of apple iPhone Battery


Everyone wants to keep its iPhone Dell Inspiron E1405 Battery  life longer. But how can you do this? The most important knowledge is to make your iPhone away from the sun, or even hot car (no exceptions glove box). Do you know will reduce the battery’s performance? Yes, hot. Please remember to keep out.

Some tips to save your power:

1.switch off Bluetooth: Bluetooth is very useful, but it enables the rapid loss of  A1021 Adapter ,A1036 Adapter power. Therefore, the importance and attention to its closed, do not use it.

2.Adjust screen brightness. Brightness adjustment can be low-cost Apple PowerBook G4 Adapter  electricity, when you can make adjustments to dimmers, battery lfie can be extended. In addition, you can turn auto-brightness, so that iPhone itself to adjust brighness under the sun.

3.Turn off Wi - Fi: If you do not use the Wi - Fi often, please turn off to save Apple iBook G4 Adapter power.

4. Check your e-mail if necessary: Do not automatically check your e-mail, open the auto-check, if possible. Check your e-mail based on your schedule.

5. Updated with the latest software: iPhone in order to try to study the new software to meet the battery performance. They also believe that the battery is a big challenge, the greatest Apple iBook G4 Adapter battery life.

6. Locked iPhone: When the iPhone is locked, it can receive calls and messages, but nothing would happen in your touch display. Save Apple PowerBook G4 Adapter power, locked.

Finally, you should use the iPhone on a regular basis. Do not let it raised there.Use from time to time it in order to maintain the movement of electronic and laptop battery is properly maintained.

The useful tips also can work with : Dell Inspiron 11Z battery , Dell Inspiron 13 battery , Dell Inspiron 14Z battery , Dell Inspiron 1440 battery , Dell Inspiron 1470 battery , Dell Inspiron 15 battery , Dell Inspiron 1545 battery , Dell Inspiron 1570 battery , Dell Inspiron 15Z battery , Dell Inspiron 17 battery , Dell Inspiron 1750 battery , Dell Inspiron 300M battery , Dell Inspiron mini 9 battery , Dell Inspiron Mini 10 battery , Dell Inspiron Mini 10v battery Dell Inspiron Mini 12 battery , Dell Latitude 131L battery , Dell Latitude d531 battery , Dell Latitude d631 battery

How to Install Solar Security Light

How to Install Solar Security Light

This article went to some useful tips and steps to install solar lights security, including location, solar motion and the solar roof, wall or building safety of the increasing number of small solar panels.

A safe solar lighting is a great way to ignite the door, deck, driveway or parking lot and power your A1021 Adapter! Here are some tips to successfully installed in a house or wall solar light's motion.

First, find a good place to install solar-powered security situation in the solar light that you want to shine the motion. This should be a place such as solar light can be detected to a safe range of motion, such as solar lights will also be motion light shine on your need it. The surface should be fairly flat, suitable for installation of solar lights in its motion and A1036 Adapter.

Step 2

Second, find a good place to near the little sun panels, solar photovoltaic cells can be charged security. Sitting in what position it should face south for solar panels to get as much as possible the motion of time, sufficient sunlight during the day. Take a look at the entire on-site the number of sunny days in order to ensure that the location of solar light to obtain maximum solar motion. Look for possible sources, such as shade branches, hanging and other buildings, Apple PowerBook G4 Adapter or any other may give rise to pairs of solar panels for your safety covers. Sunlight motion of solar panels to be, a better chance that it will fully charge the battery every day solar security light for more time.

Step 3

A line will be connected to solar motion and micro-solar panels. Measuring line, take a look at how long it is. Once you have selected the solar-powered security situation in a good location and solar panels, to find a place to go between lines of solar panels and solar light's motion. Measurement and safety of solar lights and solar panels of the distance to ensure that your cables and Apple iBook G4 Adapter will reach somewhere in between.

Step 4

Solar security light into the small of your choice on the roof or wall and install solar sports solar panels point where you want to shine the light. Run the line between the two to ensure that the building walls or the motion of solar light in Apple iBook G4 Adapter , security line. If the area is large, you want light, you can even add other solar-powered security situation and found a broader field and light motions.

Step 5

Congratulations! You now have a solar security light is not necessary to maintain the freedom of power lines. Your solar light and Apple PowerBook G4 Adapter has a motion detector built-in mobile, security, solar energy lamp with adjustable delay time, best of all, you are a force for freedom the motion of sun's rays from the sun, the power automatically.

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